Writer’s Guide

ChoiSe is a collective run by students and our primary audience is other students we can connect with through social media. We aim to grow our audience organically by increasing our pool of writers. We encourage you to choose a topic, social issue, or event that you have a sincere interest. The article can have a charity at its centre, or as an addition to a more opinionated piece on a social issue.

The topics below are not restrictive, but rather examples of what we have covered thus far. Please get in contact with the page if you have an idea which you are not sure about, or if you want to write but need help choosing an idea.


In this publication we cover many different topics that fall into three separate categories : 

Charity – social issues and good charity work tackling said issues

Civil Society – political issues and civil society activism responding to said issues

Public Health – topical news about the pandemic and dangers to our public health


We want to be covering thought provoking ideas, but grounded within clear real world examples. We would prefer it if you would avoid jargon and overly academic language where you can. This is not to say that you should simplify your arguments, rather we would like you to convey them in an accessible and digestible ways, explaining technical language where necessary.

It is useful to keep to a localized perspective, from which you can find local charities or civil society groups working. On the other hand, the topic or example does not have to be geographically local to you, but rather from a grassroots/civil society perspective that directs attention to civil society work. Civil society responds in a many creative ways to lots of different social issues, so there is always an organisation to find, you just have to look for it!


All of our pieces aim to be around 400-1500 words depending on the type of article that you are pitching to us. Analysis and commentary can be from 600-1000 words, while investigative/interview pieces can stretch to 1500. These should be submitted to the editors at choisewriters@gmail.com.


This is just to make our jobs as editors that little bit easier when we’re reading through your work. 

  • Use double quotation marks for direct speech and single quotation marks for everything else i.e. irony. 
  • Write up numbers in words up to ten and digits after 11. 
  • Use superscript for dates (15th March)
  • In terms of structure try to vary sentence and paragraph length in order to make it slightly more readable. 

Fact checking

Hyperlink everything! Every statistic, fact, event – anything that needs further explication should be linked. 

We can’t wait to hear from you!