What do we mean by charity? An organisation that is offering a service or public good to those less fortunate through donations and voluntary work. As a journal we aim to support local and smaller scale charities, rather than Oxfam or British Red Cross, for example. While these remain worthy causes, we believe we can be more effective in raising support and attention for local charities, who in turn receive less help than they need, and less praise than they deserve.

Civil Society

What do we mean by civil society? Civil society refers to the collective community of citizens who share similar interests and concerns. In our hyper-connected world it is ironic that we are losing our sense of civil society now more than ever. But new community connections can be made and must be made if we are to tackle the social problems that directly or indirectly affect us all. ChoiSe believes in the power and creativity of civil society, and is itself an active part of this network.

Public Health

What do we mean by public health? Public health refers to the overall, or holistic, health of the nation, a consideration that runs against the idea that health is entirely an individual responsibility. We should be aware that the influences of the modern world impact our public health with consequences that can undermine our quality of life. ChoiSe believes we cannot separate our individual health from the health of wider society, as we ultimately rely upon society to function as an individual.


This journal is a direct response to our public health crisis and covers topical news stories that are connected to the public health of the nation. We also cover topical stories on global, as well as national, civil society activism responding to political issues. ChoiSe aims to be constructive, as well as critical, and to be relevant to our young readership in the topics we cover.