About us and our purpose


Nimo Omer

Oliver Storey

This publishing project is inspired by the extraordinary times we find ourselves in, the heroic efforts of communities to face this adversity, and the aim to be a part of a productive civil society.

The purpose of this publication is to raise awareness for the many societal issues facing this country, as well as the more unique ones created by the global pandemic. We also aim to be productive in our writing by creating critical analysis of social issues alongside positive real-world examples of good civil society action.

Charities and civil society groups often do the unseen and unappreciated work that allows the most unlucky of people to take advantage of life’s opportunities. Worryingly, the charity sector is facing a huge loss of income due to the economic fallout of this public health crisis, while the looming economic crisis will inevitably increase their work load.

This publication believes it is important to support local civil society especially as it is shown that smaller charities receive the least funding, but, on average, are the most effective in their work. We want to help by directing attention towards local civil society efforts combating our collective societal issues.

Our Goals

  • Write about and encourage support for charities responding to social inequalities
  • Provide informative and critical analysis to back-up our commentary on civil society
  • Grow the publication organically by increasing our group of writers
  • Highlight topical stories related to the pandemic that affect our public health
  • Cover various examples of civil society activism