Journalism in support of charity.

Who are we?

ChoiSe is a grassroots, student-led publishing organisation seeking to raise awareness of civil society action that tackles societal issues.

Through our writing, we work to support charitable action by informing other young people of society’s problems and exploring ways organisations work to fix them.

Why are we writing?

The journal is a response to our public health crisis, and the inspiring collective action of civil society in support of the most vulnerable within our community.

We recognise the strength of civil society, but believe it is underestimated and undervalued, and we want to do something to change that.

Find out more about our purpose here.

What do we write about?

As a civil society voice, we write about productive civil society and charitable action combating problems within our society. This includes Covid-related issues as well as more structural social inequalities.

We encourage critical writing that surrounds informative real-world examples with the context needed to understand the issue. This includes critical analysis of the social issues themselves, the wider ideas that inform this problematic reality, and constructive policy suggestions for combating this reality.

If you would like to be a Choise writer find out more here.

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